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Graduated november 2017! My graduation project is currently exhibited at the Innovation Powerhouse at Strijp-T in Eindhoven. Previously it has been preselected for ArchiPrix nominations The Netherlands. It was complimented for its extensive academic research that has been integrated and implemented in a sustainable architectural design, giving answer to the broader question.


Grade 9 out of 10

Studio The Farm – Mutant Typology

Supervisory committee P.J.R. (Paul) Diederen, ir. R.P.J. (Ruurd) Roorda, ir. B.A.H.L. (Bram) van Kaathoven


Food Futura

The design of a mind changing concept, finding true sustainability in food production.

Food Futura is a mind changing concept, aiming to contribute to global sustainability in food production. It revises the current food industry and provides a new vision to future food production expressed in its architecture. A visit to the food plaza is more than just doing grocery shopping. It gives insight in a sustainable food production process, from the origin to the finished product that is taken home; a stage for sustainable food production. Positioned within the production field of the products processed in the food plaza, characterized by a rich biodiversity, it becomes a real hub for the environment it works for. The architectural design provides a lively space in which all actors – people, birds, bees, butterflies and products – have their own and specific contribution to the process. It is the beating heart of the area, of which its ecological effects will spread to its environment.

I have publisched my research and design book on issuu, which is viewable below! Or download my book in PDF here!